boutique store front

Ellen Comerford started Core de Vie, home of GYROTONIC Boston Beacon Hill, with her husband and partner, Mark Comerford in 2006.

Core De Vie is Boston’s most unique lifestyle and boutique wellness center dedicated to achieving healthy lifestyle goals. Situated on Charles Street in the heart of Beacon Hill, Core De Vie strives to empower the community, both clients and employees alike, to reach beyond their own perceived limitations.

To that end, the professionals at Core De Vie are constantly working to create and cultivate new approaches to fitness, employing innovative movement patterns that combine strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular exercise.
Core De Vie also carries an extensive line of supplemental products, ranging from Lululemon, Yoga 


Jeans, Correct Toes, Yamuna Products, our own natural skincare line and more to the latest instructional DVD’s, in order to present you with a complete and satisfying experience.

By combining Pilates, yoga, Gyrotonic, Vibration Training, Postural and Movement Analysis, Strength and Flexibility Training, massage, and holistic health counseling, Core De Vie can help you realize your fullest potential in all aspects of life, and in turn contribute to the betterment of our neighborhood.

Our Boutique carries a great variety of work out clothing including lululemon athletica.